Cloud Services

Cloud computing is a reference to some of the most significant changes in business computing evolving today. The concept is fairly simple – in an ideal scenario you will no longer have a server in your office. Your server is hosted; in other words it becomes part of the global network, or cloud. You need never know where exactly but the benefit is that any machine in the world can become your office, giving you secure access to your all of your documents, and your network.

Machines that are in your office are simply machines with internet access. This means that they are easily replaceable and require very little configuration. All that you need to work is any machine, and internet access.

In a cloud computing environment your ‘home working’ space is a seamless extension of your office, backups are no longer anything to worry about, a hardware failure on a machine will not be a problem, and ‘hotdesking’ is no longer a dream.

However, a good analogy for comparison is ‘The paperless office’. IT offered the promise of working without paper for many years, however it’s likely that you can’t count the number of bits of paper currently in, on or around your desk on one hand. The paperless office does work, but only in some scenarios. It may be with us one day, but not yet. Cloud Computing is likely to follow a similar path – things like IP telephony, printing, scanning, bespoke and legacy applications all throw spanners in the works, but all can be overcome.

If you’re interested in exploring the benefits of a Cloud Computing arrangement, we can offer a solution. Please contact us for more information.