IT Support

If you’re a small business, chances are you’re using computers to run it. Having onsite IT staff can be a service or an expense you don’t need, yet.

No matter what size your company is, we have a packaged solution perfect for you.

Hardware Support Services

Server Failure Protection (referred to as SFP)

• 24h Server Monitoring. Software Patching and Patch Management for the server operating system and
common software components
• Day to day administration (e.g. adding/removing users, assessing resources)
• Up to 2 working days on-site per incident to rectify or rebuild after any incident has ceased the server or
any major function of it from working
• Co-ordination with manufacturer to replace any hardware that has failed (server must be in warranty,
otherwise parts and labour chargeable)
• User and Exchange management (if Exchange present on server)
• Backup Monitoring (if backup system present). JJNet will monitor the status of tape or online backups
and give status updates monthly. Regular test restores will be undertaken
• Monitoring of one uninterruptable power supply per server
• Full reporting of maintenance that we undertake on a monthly basis

3CX Phone System Support (referred to as 3CXSFP)

• The benefits of Server Failure Protection for your 3CX phone system, plus:
• 4 hour hardware replacement if your 3CX system fails unexpectedly
• Monthly backup of your 3CX configuration

Critical Device Cover (referred to as CDC)

• Cover for three network critical devices at a single location (e.g. switch, firewall, router)
• Swap out within 4 working hours of failure if required
• JJNet will hold or provide in advance equipment required to troubleshoot and get you running
• If replacing like for like, new item will be left in place preventing the need to swap twice
• Site visits for replacing failed devices are included

Hardware Support – Total Care (referred to as TC)

• On site cover for individually specified devices. (not relating to CDC)
• On site troubleshooting included if remote troubleshooting is not possible (equipment may be taken
away for repair)
• Includes replacement parts and labour (when not beyond economical repair, excludes consumables)
Includes replacement peripherals (standard mice, keyboards cables and monitors)
• Cover available at a reduced rate for devices in manufacturer warranty
• Cost to configure replacement printers waived if beyond economical repair
• Replacement loan equipment when available, including up to one hour configuration

User Support Based Services

User Centric Support: (Referred to as UC Support)

• Unlimited telephone helpdesk 9am to 5:30pm normal working days (subject to fair use)
• Exclusive extended telephone helpdesk 8-9am and 5:30-6:30pm on normal working days, accessed via a PIN on our normal line (excludes some days in December)
• Remote Access by us to your computer or mobile device to rectify problems
• Administration of Office 365 accounts when we are named as the partner of preference
• Up to three devices per user supported (e.g. computer, tablet, and mobile phone)
• Job tracking and monthly summary of completed calls and any issues awaiting resolution
• Basic setup of new secondary non-domain connected devices (e.g. mobile phone/tablet)

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